Real Ale

The traditional English beer


As an award-winning Camra-recommended public house, the King’s Head prides itself on the Real Ales it offers.


But what is Real Ale?

Real Ale is beer done the traditional way – you might say the proper way. It is actually a living product, unlike cask-conditioned or Keg beers. In the simplest of terms, Real Ale still has the yeast in it and goes through a process known as secondary fermentation. It does not have the shelf life of modern beer, but maintains the marvellous taste and aromas that are exclusive to traditional Real Ales.

As living organisms, Real Ales go through a process of natural carbonation. They do not stay fresh for very long, they must be handled with care and have to be kept in optimal conditions in the cellar. Which is why choosing a Real Ale pub can be hit and miss, depending on the quality of the Ale house.

Real Ale is served using traditional hand-pumps or by gravity-based dispensing, here at the King’s Head.

“He was a wise man who invented beer.”


What are Keg beers?

Cask-conditioned or ‘keg’ beer is the modern mass-produced beer we see a lot of these days. This kind of beer has completed the full fermentation process, has had the yeast removed and has been pasteurised to give it a longer shelf life.

Like most products that have been mass-produced and processed, the result is the loss of many of the unique flavours and aromas the beer may otherwise have retained.
Because these beers are effectively dead and have no natural carbonation, they have to first be carbonated to ‘fizz up’ the beer, before it can be served.

If you are interested in reading more about Real Ale, we highly recommend you have a look through the information on the Camra website. Along with listings of the finest Ale houses in the country, you’ll also learn all about Real Ale and why it is the king of beers.

“With an excellent range of ales, served by knowledgeable staff, this is without doubt THE pub any ale drinking visitor to our fine city should make a beeline for!”

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