A Real Ale Heritage

300 years Beer drinking heritage

With 300 years of trading as a licensed public house, generation after generation has enjoyed the wonderful history and ale on offer at the King’s Head.

The King’s Head typifies the traditional English Ale house in every way – a quiet, friendly, social and atmospheric pub in historic surroundings.

The architecture gives many clues to the pub’s heritage, with Gargoyles adorning the arch to the small side courtyard. These are the emblems of the crown brewery when the pub was owned by Youngs, Crawshay and Youngs – an award-winning producer of ales from the 1800s through to the mid-1900s.

Youngs, Crawshay and Youngs were considered at the time pioneers in the modernisation of public houses across the United Kingdom. They were also one of the first to have their own architects and surveyor departments, who introduced the major shift from (literally) spit and sawdust to clean floors and comfortable surroundings.

Kings Head circa 1935

Photo by George Plunkett

Kings Head 2016

Kings Head 1935

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